Running With The Bulls v Jogging With The Veal

November 12th 2011  |  History, Refelctions, Travel  |  1 Comment

As some may know we ran with the Bulls in Pamplona as part of the Festival of San Fermín in Spain this year.  Shortly after we retuned home to Arizona we heard of the “Running with the Bulls” in Cave Creek, Arizona. We wondered – for a moment – if we should go and run… [read more]

The Journey Continues

October 20th 2011  |  Just because..., Refelctions  |  No Comments

It was fun to get an email from a friend to say we (the 4 pilgrims ) made a bit of news again.  We we quoted in the Catholic Sun Newspaper on our views of the movie “The Way” Please take a look… The Catholic Sun Article – Pre-release Link to The Catholic Sun Paper… [read more]

Seville – September 12 -15 2011

September 15th 2011  |  Historical / Religious, History, Images, Refelctions, Towns, Travel  |  No Comments

Fortune struck and sent me back to Spain on the lecture circuit.  This time it was the great southern city of Seville. Also – as part of the requirement when traveling to Spain – my luggage arrived about 36 hours after I did.  No worries. The presentations were “Prevention of Banking Fraud in Russia” and… [read more]

Spain Is Not Flat

September 5th 2011  |  Images, Just because..., Refelctions, Travel  |  No Comments

So – Spain is flat right?   That was not so hard all in all.   Ok I beg to disagree.  Please look at the map we were given in St. Jean before we left.  The scale is in meters and kilometers.  Each meter equals 3.28 feet, and each kilometer equals .62 miles. So, from St Jean… [read more]

The Way – a movie Directed Emilio Estevez featuring Martin Sheen

September 2nd 2011  |  Images, Just because..., Refelctions, Videos  |  No Comments

  On August 31, 2001 we were treated to a movie preview of The Way, a movie about the Camino… I was not sure what to expect, telling the story of the Camino when the story of the Camino is as unique as each pilgrim who undertakes the journey. Honestly – seeing the movie was… [read more]

It and Re-Entry

August 4th 2011  |  Historical / Religious, Refelctions  |  No Comments

It and Re-Entry We made it. But what is it.  How do we describe it?  Also, how do we handle re-entry, re-entry to the society we have been away from while keeping it? The wide-ranging conversation from last night has been bouncing around my mid all night and all day. So how do we describe;… [read more]

Santiago to Oporto

July 20th 2011  |  Towns, Travel  |  No Comments

Santiago to Oporto July 20, 2011 Bryan and I walk to the bus station and bid good-bye as our buses leave within 5 min of each other – his to La Coruña and mine as the first part of the bus – bike lotto – to Vigo.  The Hero of Spain is gone.  He was… [read more]

Santiago and Finesterre

July 19th 2011  |  Historical / Religious, Refelctions, Towns, Travel  |  No Comments

July 19 2011 Santiago and Finesterre I slept until 9:30, an unbelievable luxury. Had a nice breakfast and 3 cups of coffee. The team needed to a bit of logistics.  I had an intention of moving on to Porto Portugal, but I choose to stay one more day in Santiago.  Thus, since I was staying… [read more]

Portomarin to Santiago de Compostela

July 18th 2011  |  Historical / Religious, History, Towns  |  No Comments

Leaving Portomarin Melide Important town with two Romanesque churches, San Pedro and Santa Maria de Milde. The parish church in the town center is Sancti Spiritus.  Monte del Gozo ( Monoxoi or Mount Joy) Celebrated as the first point from which the towers of the great cathedral of Santiago could be seen, a place of… [read more]

Las Herrerias to Portomarin

July 18th 2011  |  Historical / Religious, History, Towns  |  No Comments

Leaving Las Herrerias Cebreiro A tiny village, a step back in time and one of the highest points of the pilgrimage. The 12th century church of Santa Maria contains relics of a 12th century statue of the Virgin, which reputedly inclined its head after a miracle that tooki place in the 16th century. The city… [read more]