Four guys, four bikes, one path and endless possibilities!

L. Burke Files is the head of an international investigative firm specializing in asset recovery, due diligence, anti money laundering and intellectual property matters. He also sits on numerous community boards including the Governor’s Economic Planning and Development Board and chairman to the Benchmarking subcommittee City of Transportation Commission. With a B.S. in English, Burke is the published author of  five books, including “Due Diligence for the Financial Professional, 1996,  and 2nd edition 2010” and “Money Budgets”. He has also authored several studies and white papers, numerous articles, training manuals, and video programs. Files is a recognized international speaker who has traveled to over 40 countries.

Eric McCune is the founder and president of an adventure tour company specializing in international clientele. For the last three decades he has been an avid traveler and photographer.  “The Camino de Santiago de Compostela has been waiting for me since it came to my realization in 1992. I anticipate capturing the dirt and grime, exhaustion and exaltation of the pilgrims in route,” said Eric.



Rudy Bellavia is the man to follow.  Born in Argentina and raised in Miami Beach, Florida, now living in Arizona, he has been immersed in many cultures. He has traveled extensively throughout Mexico and the Caribbean while always sharpening the social skills needed to interact with the locals. On top of being technically savvy, Rudy speaks fluent Spanish and is proficient in French and Italian. This trip will culminate in one of the greatest adventures, accomplishments and desires to gain knowledge of a true pilgrim.  Follow Rudy on Twitter


Bryan Marscovetra is what you’d refer to simply as a “sweet dude.”  He’s a laid-back, go-with-the-flow type guy, despite his life being a balancing act.  A manager for a large bank by day he balances his corporate responsibilities with his passion for music as singer of the band“Factories” at night.  “Whereas the Camino has been waiting for Eric McCune, I find that it came to me,” said Bryan.  “I’ve been trying to say ‘yes’ more often, and when the guys asked me if I wanted to go, I just said, ‘yes.’ ”  He’s hoping to get the experience of a lifetime, and for a good cause too.  “Of course, if I can avoid being mauled by a bull in Pamplona, that would be great, too,” said Bryan.

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  1. Daniela Santos says:

    Dear Mr Files!!!

    We received your gifts for the Grande Hotel the Paris reception staff, I want to thank your kindness and let you know that I’m hopping to welcoming you (and your bike if you need 🙂 ) back at the hotel one day.

    And as you asked my thoughts are with you, a client that was so nice to us that is impossible to forget.

    In the name of us 5 i thank you once again!!!! 😀

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